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Meet Our Chefs

The team that makes the magic happen


Joel Corona

Since completing his formal education from the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Joel Corona has cooked at the Michelin-Starred Cavallo Point in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he has the unique opportunity to travel the world and cook as a private chef for such celebrities as Giorgio Armani, Hugh Jackman, Calvin Klein, and the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

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Joshua Kaufman

Josh is a native New Yorker hailing from Long Island who grew up surrounded by the culinary influences of Classic American, Jewish & Italian cuisines. With experience preparing food for a variety of dietary needs (Paleo, Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and more), he loves to craft menus around each individual client and their unique specifications.

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Angelica Amato

Angelica has worked in private restaurants like Garden of Eden, hotels such as the Shelborne and as a personal chef to high profile families…

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Brett Posmentier

Brett Posmentier has thirteen years of private chef experience, but his talents and responsibilities typically stretch beyond the kitchen. He has experience managing other domestic staff, running residential security systems, as well as developing and maintaining wine cellar programs.

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Emiko Shimojo

Emiko is dedicated to creating well-balanced meals from local, seasonal, and organic products, and to help others lead lives in which they can experience the healing powers of food.

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Emily Cavelier

Emily Cavelier cooking style accommodates many diets, building on high quality whole foods and seasonal produce, and incorporating herbs and spices to align with optimal wellness.

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Ever Ortiz

Ever specializes in healthy contemporary cuisine, combining proper diet with fitness to help private clients achieve their wellness goals.

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Justin Lynch

Justin combines his passion for fitness and health with his food style, creating both fitness and meal plans for private clients.

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Nicole Karr

Nicole specializes in pasta making and Italian cuisine. She has studied in Italy and worked at Ristorante Al Pirata in Ferrara.

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Royalle Asuncion

Royalle’s style is best described as Farm to Table Spa Cuisine – Quality ingredients, amazing asthetics and nutritious recipes to keep you feeling well.

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Spencer Truong

Spencer believes that it’s up to culinary experts to expose people to a better way of cooking and eating, "health through food.”

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Keith DiLauro, Your Head Chef

Growing up in a house where the kitchen was the heart of the home, it is no surprise that Keith DiLauro’s passion for food took him to the French Culinary Institute in New York City, where he graduated top of his class in 2002. After graduation, Keith moved to Lucca Italy where he learned rooted traditions of Tuscan cuisine working at Toscana Saporita cooking school.

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