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About Us

Welcome to KD Private Chefs. Our passion and purpose is to help people eat well, live well and be well. We do that by providing a full-service, personalized private chef service, taking care of everything you need for your eating to reflect your wellbeing and lifestyle goals.

My passion came to life when I began to cook for private clients, often people with very busy schedules, such as public figures, business leaders, entertainers, athletes and families. I’m now surrounded by a terrific team of talented and nutritionally aware chefs who share my commitment for creating delicious and healthy homemade food, and who understand the elevated level of service, personalization and discretion our members need.

When it comes to our food, health and taste are of equal importance. Our food is seasonally inspired, and created with your individual wellbeing, tastes and needs in mind, along with a commitment to sourcing the best quality ingredients.

As a completely bespoke service, we focus on delivering what is important to you. We can’t wait to meet you!

Head Chef & Founder, Keith DiLauro

Our Team

Our diverse team is made up of highly skilled, personable and professional chefs who share our passion and philosophy. Handpicked by our founder, Keith DiLauro, all chefs have culinary degrees, knowledge of nutrition and several years of professional cooking experience with varying cuisine specialties. We know that it’s not just about the food. It’s also about finding a chef that you feel comfortable with. Whether it’s expertise in a certain cuisine or a good sense of humor, above all, we focus on finding a perfect match for you. Each of our members is carefully and thoughtfully matched with a number of private chefs from our team who work on a rotating basis to ensure you are always enjoying exciting variety and special flavors.

What We Do

We provide a unique personalized private chef service, creating healthy and delicious homemade meals and plans especially for you.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in beautiful food made from quality ingredients, developed with an understanding of an individual’s wellbeing, needs and tastes.

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Let us take care of everything you need to make sure your eating is in tune with your wellbeing and lifestyle goals.

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