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Summer Snacking

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Each season brings in a new appetite of foods to snack on. Summertime bursts with fresh, light, sharp, clean, juicy and refreshing foods. Cold vegetable and fruit gazpachos, light crisp salads, crunchy summer vegetables crudités, mouth watering berries and juicy stone fruits and a few of summers treasures. It is so fun to walk through a farmers market on a Saturday morning or mosey through a local garden mid afternoon, taking a look at what farmers and gardeners have just harvested. One of my favorite things of the summer is the season’s first small tomatoes. In my opinion the “sun gold” tomato is the king of all tomatoes, bursting with a juicy vine ripened fragrance, tasting like summer in a bright golden sphere. “Sweet Wild Cherry” bright red tomatoes are also another favorite of mine.

Simply grab a few handfuls of freshly picked tiny tomatoes, pinch off a few bright green basil leaves, slice up a garden grown baby cucumbers and plate up a few whole candy color breakfast radishes. Pair it with some freshly made mozzarella cheese, a great fruity olive oil, a little sea salt and a glass of crisp Rose wine. Do I need to say more? There is no need for spending time cooking or fussing, just put a few simple fresh ingredients together on a plate and enjoy some fun summer snacking.

Posted on August 06, 2017 / by Keith DiLauro

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