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Emily Cavelier

Emily Cavelier started cooking and baking at an early age for her family, and at a certain point she found the foods that she loved did not love her. She started a journey to increase her vitality and the vitality of her food without sacrificing flavor. This journey led Emily to move to NYC in 2003, where she attended the Natural Gourmet Chef’s Training Program. From 2004 to 2007, Emily was head Pastry Chef at Pure Food and Wine, an internationally recognized restaurant known for its delicious raw, vegan, and organic menu. She was the Pastry Chef for health chef Jill Pettijohn, a NYC leader in juices and smoothies for wellness. She then became Executive Chef at International Harvest in 2008, a New York based maker of wholesale vegan, raw, and gluten-free foods, developing raw GF vegan bars, granolas, spiced nuts, and baked vegan and baked gluten-free cookies. In 2011, after many years of apprenticing in herbal practice and developing a wellness and nutritional philosophy rooted in deep physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, Emily launched her consulting business, Nourishing Root, with the mission of helping people connect to the natural state of health and joy in their bodies and minds so they can live better, happier lives.

Chef Emily Cavelier’s personal cooking style accommodates many diets, building on high quality whole foods and seasonal produce, and incorporating herbs and spices to align with optimal wellness. While she herself could live on a beans and greens diet, she recognizes varying needs for individuals and when using animal proteins, she prioritizes humanely raised and ethically sourced ingredients. Creating food for others to enjoy and feel nourished is one of her greatest pleasures which she looks forward to sharing with you.

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