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Brett Posmentier

Brett Posmentier’s cooking endeavors have taken him to far corners of the globe. He’s held a variety of positions throughout his career, including high-end in-house catering for a prominent NYC family, large corporate settings, working in seasonal restaurants in Cape Cod and on private yachts and residences around the world. In those roles he has served the world’s elite and also sees the importance in educating the underserved populations about a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Posmentier most recently worked as a Nutritional Estate Chef for a client who had specific dietary restrictions and personal health goals. He created a seamless transition between the 2 residences in Palm Beach, FL and Boston, Ma. Brett creates high-quality cuisine that exceeds his client’s expectations, providing favorite meals and also expanding their palates with his global influence always. In 2013, Posmentier also joined forces with MicroGreens, a nonprofit afterschool program, which teaches less-fortunate children about nutrition and purchasing, preparing and cooking meals.

In 2009, Posmentier was hired as a private estate chef for a family in the affluent town of Chappaqua, NY, where he astounded them with daily meals for the family as well as larger gatherings. Brett got the yachting bug when he had the distinct honor of being the traveling private chef for a Kuwaiti Diplomat to the Unites States. Using local and seasonal food from places including Kuwait, Lebanon and throughout the Mediterranean Sea. He perfected new cooking methods and recipes to continually impress his client, staff as well as the client’s family, and distinguished guests including Middle-Eastern Royalty.

Posmentier has thirteen years of private chef experience, but his talents and responsibilities typically stretch beyond the kitchen. He is comfortable managing other domestic staff and supervision of any vendors that may need access. Other parts of a residence in which he is familiar, includes running of security systems, IT/computer programs and troubleshooting, music and TV system setup, managing a wine cellar or starting a new program. He even has experience with home improvement, which allows him to understand construction terminology and projects that may take place or a new build. Being fluent in Spanish and Basic Italian is always a plus during travel or with anyone else who may work in the home, where English is not their first language. Being 6’5”, he is also seen as protection for his client and aiding in safety during travel or simply a shopping spree during the day.

Whether it is in the fast-paced environment of New York City, and Island in The Bahamas or some far away land, he always strives to source the finest, freshest and best ingredients. Growing organic gardens where possible is always great, along with having connections with local farms to ensure top-notch quality. Posmentier prides himself on building a relationship with his client to understand every single nuance and desire to be able to be of assistance in any way possible.

Posmentier recognized in his teens that he was destined to become a chef, spending summers cooking in the finest restaurants in Cape Cod, MA, perfecting the foundation of his kitchen skills for the future. He is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, earning his associates degree in 2003, followed by his bachelor’s degree in 2005.

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